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Floating Rock remotely provides high-end CG services. Our core value is creating cinematic experiences with high quality. With broad experience in a variety of styles, we're able to take on an array of projects -- film, series, game cinematics, commercials... you name it!


Lukas Niklaus, Garrick Rawlingson, Stephanie Parker and Laurent Herveic are our four Founders and Directors of Floating Rock, but you can call them the Floaties! With each of them having over 10 years of experience in the film industry, they wanted to take the good things they learned and improve on everything else they could to build a vibrant, unique creative studio, backed by a ridiculously talented team. The Floaties established Floating Rock in April 2020 and have since nurtured it up to the thriving entity it is today. They eagarly anticipate the bright future that lies ahead!


The Rockies are our team of talented artists, production, and everyone in between. Majority are based in Wellington but we have plenty across the globe as well! Our Rockies do some of the hard mahi (work), and are encouraged to take steps to grow in their careers but to also take time to live a quality life- the balance that keeps this company happy and buzzing.

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Come join the Floaties (Directors) and Rockies (Freelancers) and help us build our future!

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