Compositing MSD

Floating Rock's brief from Eleven was to bring an early New Zealand poster feel into a modern posterized style for a very kiwi commercial.

We absolutely loved their vision for this spot and couldn't wait to execute it. With our talented compositor would paint a few key frames by hand using EBSynth! Achieving an appealing and simplified paint on the actors was a bit tricky as there are so many details on a human. Overall, this was no small feat as we were on a tight timeline. But how cool is this turn out?! On top of compositing, we assumed the role of VFX supervision on set, making sure the actors, lighting, and framing were optimal for us to work with afterwards. That was a memorable experience as we haven't had the chance to be on set often prior. It was impressive the amount of work that goes into shooting anything, especially with live sheep!
Floating Rock Supervisor: Garrick Rawlingson Compositing: Guillaume Renier Client: Eleven Level 3, Invincible House, 36 Allen St, Wellington, 6011, New Zealand