Criminals Within

Full Pipeline

Criminals Within was featured on IGN and is an exciting game being created by Space Rock Games as we speak. They're a talented bunch up in Auckland that we have had the pleasure to help mould the trailers narrative.

We're especially stoked about this because it has been an opportunity to dive into Unreal for rendering. From assets like the dragon, to animation, fx and rendering, it was a great little production for us. Can't wait to play this game!

Animation Supervisor: Stephanie Parker
Production: Kezzia Flynn
Assets: Nayoon Levitin, Laurent Herveic, Steffen Shubert
Animators: Rafael Gonzales, Aman Bhanot, Stein Lotveit, Benjamin Mulot, Melanie Chatain, Stephanie Parker
FX, Lighting, Unreal, Rendering: Stein Lotveit, Steffen Shubert

Client: Space Rock Games
Director: Zsombor Pirok
836A Beach Road, Torbay, North Island, Auckland, 0630, New Zealand