Coop: Yeti


This heartwarming Coop spot is a little piece of home (aka Switzerland) for one our founders, Lukas Niklaus! It was an excited "Yes!" when our schedules aligned to help bring this sentimental piece to life.

Fun fact, this is our third animated Yeti this year. Do we love Yeti's or do the Yeti's love Floating Rock?! Animating the squirrel was also a bit of a fun challenge as well. As Stephanie hasn't had the chance to animate one yet. It was bizarre watching reference for how ridiculously quick and static they move.

We are very happy to have collaborated once more with The Frank Barton Company on a handful of these animated shots.
Floating Rock Supervisor: Stephanie Parker Animator: Stephanie Parker Go51 Animation Supervisor: Victor Huang Client: The Frank Barton Company C. de las Infantas, 32, 28004 Madrid, Spain