Winter is coming, and yet again, Coop delivers a heartwarming message to Swiss kids looking forward to hugging that cute little hedgehog when going to bed.

Fun fact on this animated spot, will you believe that we did the whole animation without actually having the quills visible at the time? Turned out pretty awesome and we are happy with the result. One of the small hurdles we had to overcome, was finding the sweet spot between realistic and exaggerated animation. With one animator having a more cartoon side vs the other with more VFX experience, together, we round that nice middle ground. Plus now we know what a quill-less hedgehog is supposed to look like!

Once again, collaborating with The Frank Barton Company is great and we are looking forward to working on future animated shows with them.

Animation Supervisor: Victor Huang

Animators: Stephanie Parker, Benjamin Mulot

Client: The Frank Barton Company

C. de las Infantas, 32, 28004 Madrid, Spain