Full Pipeline: Criminals Within

What an incredible collaboration to do with Space Rock Games. They're making a wicked game and we're so happy to have the opportunity to help create a trailer for it!!

We modelled and rigged the dragon from scratch based on Space Rock Game's concepts. Together, we created a little story out of what client wanted to showcase. Next was having a blast rigging and animating stylized characters. We also got to dip our toes further into Unreal with lighting and rendering, so that we can further develop our pipeline. Can't wait to play this game!

Floating Rock
Supervisor: Stephanie Parker
Previs: Rafael Gonzales
Animator: Rafael Gonzales, Aman Bhanot, Stein Løtveit, Mélanie Chatain, Benjamin Mulot, Stephanie Parker
FX & Rendering: Steffen Shubert, Stein Løtveit

Client: Space Rock Games
836a Beach Road, Torbay, Auckland, 0630

April 10, 2023